Are you looking for someone to provide a christening service for you, your friend, or family? You’ve found the right place. Reverend Maria Romano and Judy Ann Price are ordained ministers who have provided countless christenings to baby, children, and even adults! To be christened into your religion is bring yourself closer to your God. Strengthening your church membership is something that our ministers love to provide to the community and are very passionate about. We want people to start life on the best foot possible, and what better way than with a christening?

Love Knots is non-denominational, so we are not bound by providing only Catholic, Anglican, Protestant christenings etc. We will work with you personally with all of the details of the ceremony so that your religious beliefs are respected. We believe in freedom of worship, and want to provide as many people as possible the freedom to worship how they see fit. We are just here to help you along on the process!

Interested in learning more about the christenings provided by our ordained ministers at Love Knots? Please don’t hesitate to call us at 702-501-4150 with any questions you may have and we will gladly assist. Have a blessed day!