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The History of Some Popular Western Marriage Traditions

Weddings have existed in some form for centuries, although the weddings in the past were not like the grand occasions we’re used to today. However, nearly every part of today’s weddings, from the initial engagement to the couple’s honeymoon, has a rich, interesting...

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How Does One Become an Ordained Minister?

While many people go to seminary and achieve a theology degree before they are ordained, it’s possible for anyone to become ordained. You can become an ordained minister, even if you have no religious affiliation and/or no religious education. Today you can be...

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Qualities Mature Women should Look for in a Husband

Marriage is an institution where two people unite in a vow to spend their lives together. Because it is such a serious commitment, people must truly evaluate a person before going to the altar with him. There are certain traits a mature women should look for in a...

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Qualities Mature Men should Look for in a Wife

Men obviously want in-between-the-sheets time to be amazing, but that's not the only trait a mature man should look for. He needs to evaluate other aspects of a woman in order to find the best woman to marry. 1. Be Real A man wants to know exactly what he's getting...

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Full service Professional event planning company. Marie Romano has been involved in the travel and tourism for over 35 years. She enjoys coordinating events that are either intimate or large. Her goal is to make you and your guests feel like they are in your home.

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