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My Crazy Matches Ur Crazy

My Crazy Matches Ur Crazy is a four-week course starting the 1st Tuesday of every month. The course is four consecutive weeks. The live courses are held on Tuesdays at 7:00 pm CT and are scheduled for one hour. The platform we will be utilizing for the video course is Zoom Video.

Week One of the live call with participants will cover clarity, emotional detoxing, and your expectation of what you want in a partner. There will be homework that participants will download from this site for the first week.

Week Two will demonstrate to the participants how to create their online dating profile. They will discuss the websites that they may want to join and how many to join. There will be homework this week as well.

Week Three will cover what to expect from the dating sites and how to search for potential matches. When you connect with someone you are interested in speaking to further, how to respond to schedule a potential meet and greet.

Week Four will cover how to conduct yourself on a first meet and greet with a list of do and don’ts. Participants will also be encouraged to schedule their private coaching calls.

This course includes two twenty minute coaching calls.

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Need a little help getting your dating mojo going?  $75 for each 20 minute coaching call

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