When you've thought of your wedding, have you ever considered where you would have it?  Do you envision in your head a magical place of natural splendor, of fiery rocks that glisten red with the setting sun?  Well if so, or if you're just looking for a beautiful place to get married that's outdoors, consider the Valley of Fire wedding package by Love Knots.  The Valley of Fire is easily one of the most romantic places near Las Vegas.  Located just minutes outside the city,  it is a geological miracle of a place, with unique and gorgeous natural stone structures that you can't find anywhere else in the world.  And like its name implies, the rocks in the Valley of Fire are known to glisten a fiery red at sundown and sunset, making for some of the most awesome wedding photography possible this close to Las Vegas.

Would you like to learn more about Love Knot's Valley of Fire wedding package?  Please don't hesitate to call Reverend Maria Romano, founder of Love Knots, at (702) 501 4150, to schedule a free consultation on your wedding today!