FaceTime video calling application is one of the most fantastic features from the Apple. The application is available for the Apple devices like iPad, iPhone, iPod, iOS, Mac and allows the users to connect video calling between the iOS users and Mac having the same application of FaceTime for windows. So this way any of the iOS and Mac devices can do a video chatting seeing face to face through their respective devices.

However, the Mac and iOS users can be having so much of fun with this application of FaceTime. Most of the people are in a chaotic manner whether the application works on the Windows or not? So if this is the same questions comes on your mind then let me clarify you that the application doesn’t support on the Windows. So, you can choose to used the FaceTime in some other devices. There are multiples of other applications that support video chatting and video calling for both the iOS and Window. So, there are many alternatives that you can use in case you really wanted this video calling application for windows. But so far there is no official video calling app like FaceTime that has been launched by the Apple.

Alternatives of FaceTime application for Windows

If you are a fan of FaceTime application and watching forward to used this application on your Windows then you can sure go for the alternatives of FaceTime that easily supports for Windows. Check out the best alternatives for FaceTime applications that are mentioned below:

  • Skype: Skype is one of the most popular and well-known trendy applications for video calling that are mostly used by all the people in the whole worldwide. If you are searching for the best alternative of FaceTime applications, then Skype is one of the best options for your Window for FaceTime. Skype is compatible with many devices like Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows and OS X, etc. The application is provided for free, and it can be used for free absolutely although some other additional features should be bought.
  • iMovicha: This is one of the most popular and well-known free video calling application that is provided for Windows, iOS, Android, and Mac, etc. Like the FaceTime application iMovicha also works over 4G LTE 3G cellular data networks as well as the Wi-Fi download. So if you are searching for the same alternatives application of FaceTime that supports in your windows then get this particular video calling app and enjoy exploring the video callings.
  • Glide: This is also one of the most popular apps that have lots of amazing features, and the best thing about this application is that it has lots of interesting twist within the app that makes the app very famous and well known. You can either use the Glide for chatting with your friends or your family as well as enjoy making video calling etc. You can also group chat with around 50 people and enjoy exploring and enjoying video calling.

Conclusions: So, this way you can enjoy the video calling service on your Windows. As you must have been already clear with the thought that there are no ways of using FaceTime for Windows. So simply select anyone of the above FaceTime alternatives and enjoy video calling with anyone of your friends and family for free absolutely.