Shareit application helps to transfer files such as documents, audio, videos for free with the help of all Wi-Fi connections. Although, SHAREIT FOR IOS brings you much more awaited features so that it is easier for you to use this application. Science is meant to make work simple and hence this article presents Shareit for those who enjoy advanced features!

Features of Shareit APK

  1. Learn to transfer any files between different devices.
  2. The connection becomes easy when the devices are in range.
  3. The speed limit to share your files are up to 40X speed, more than Bluetooth. which makes this faster and easier way to transfer files.
  4. Files can be sent over internet connection without using Bluetooth.
  5. The best part is that you can share this application with the help of Shareit to those people who don’t have this application.
  6. The more simple method is that now you will be able to share this application between five different users if you want to share files within the group.
  7. This Shareit Windows can send and receive files like MP3, DOC, Excel, JPEG, GIF and etc.
  8. This application supports various devices such as Androids, tablets, iPhone, iPad and even Windows PC’s.

Download Shareit Apk on your smartphones

  1. Click on Google Play and on the search bias type “Shareit”.

  2. Then tap on the search icon.

  3. The page will open automatically and then you can install your shareit application.
  4. Before that, you need to click on “accept” to accept the terms and conditions.
  5. Now, wait till the application is completely downloaded on your device.
  6. Then, Go to any of the search engines and type, “Download Shareit apk” and install the shareit apk version on your device.
  7. You will now get restrictions from unknown sources.
  8. For this, you need to go to settings and make the unknown sources option available so that you can download those applications which are not on Google Play.
  9. Wait till the installation is done and now you can sit back and enjoy.
  10. Once the application is installed, open the application and it is ready to use! 

How to use the Shareit application?

  1. First, you need to open your practical lotion and tap the “send” option.
  2. Then, you need to choose the file you want to send from the single file on your smartphone.
  3. Once, you have selected your favorite options then click on “next” quaternary.
  4. Now the application will be hunting for the closest Shareit gimmicks from which you can brace your gimmick.
  5. Once, it is paired, the device you paired your application to has to accept the files you want to transfer.
  6. This is how you head start communion files through this application.

Therefore, the APK version of this shareit application is better and it has more advanced features that could be used by any smartphone user. This application allows you to share all kinds of applications as well, hence you don’t need to wait to install it from Google Play. So, be smart and install Shareit apk today on your smartphones.