Cinema box App For iOS: Cinemabox is a popular entertainment app developed for both android and iOS platforms.  The main purpose of the app is to provide unlimited movies and TV shows for free.  The app is the best entertaining app developed by the same developers of Playbox app.  The app can be used to watch movies, TV shows, cartoons for free or try the other option to download movieBox app Users can also download the movies to watch them later.  The app has many outstanding features, which makes it one of the best entertaining apps of the present time.  The app offers lots of genres of movies for free.

There is a great streaming offered by the app.  The download speed totally depends on the speed of the internet connection.  The user can watch unlimited stuff in online as well as can download for free.  It streams HD movies and videos for free.  Users can get a hold of new movies and new releases through the app.  You need not worry anymore if you missed your favorite TV show, you can find the missed episode easily in HD quality using the app.  The app is compatible with both android and iOS platforms.  You can watch HD quality videos and can also download HD quality movies.

Features of Cinemabox App

  • The app is updated every now and then so that you can find all the latest movies in the app.

  • The app runs well on all types of mobile network connections like 2G/3G/4G/Wi-Fi.
  • The app offers cartoon and anime shows for children.
  • The app provides subtitles to the movies. The user can choose the language.
  • The app offers various genres and various language movies.
  • The user can easily download the videos from YouTube using the app.
  • The user can also make a request for movies.
  • The app has a user-friendly interface.
  • The app streams high definition videos for free and also maintains loading speed.
  • The loading speed of the app is very high compared to Playbox app.

How to download Cinemabox app for iOS and MAC Devices?

It is very easy to download Cinemabox app for iOS and MAC Devices.  You must download the latest version of the app as it comes with more number of features and fewer bugs.  The user must know that Cinemabox is not available in the iTunes store and app store for download. The app is only available in the online for free download.  So, make sure to sign out of the iTunes store before downloading Cinemabox app for iOS and MAC devices. This Process is same for downloading movie box app for iPhone. 

  • Download the Cinemabox app for iOS and MAC devices from online.

  • Accept the permissions to proceed with the installation.

  • Now launch the app from your iOS device and you will be asked to sign in. Click on ‘Cancel’.

  • Now, sign in to iTunes Store using ‘’.

  • That’s it! Cinemabox app is successfully installed to your iOS device.  Enjoy watching your favorite movies and TV shows using Cinemabox app right from your iOS and MAC devices.