What to Look for in a Wedding Minister When You’re On a Budget

Since the ceremony is an important part of the wedding, your choice of a wedding minister is an important one. While the right minister can enrich your wedding, a minister that obviously doesn’t know what you want is sure to make your big day a miserable one. Of course, when you’re on a budget, you also have to think about the financial aspect of choosing your minister. Before you choose the minister who will stand up with you on your wedding day, here are a few things to consider.

Find Out if the Minister Charges a Fee

One of the first things to find out is whether the minister charges a fee. If you’re part of the minister’s congregation, your minister may not charge a fee, which offers couples an excellent way to save money. However, it’s still appropriate to give your minister a monetary gift to show your appreciation.

Many ministers today do charge fees, particularly if you are not a member of their congregation. A minister’s fees range between $100 and $400. According to The Bridal Association of America, $263 is the average cost of hiring a priest or minister to officiate at a wedding.

Ask About Deposits

When looking for a wedding minister, ask the minister if a deposit is required. While many ministers simply require payment after the wedding, some may ask for a deposit to reserve their time for your wedding. If a deposit is required, ask about the amount of the deposit and if that deposit is refundable. This is also a great time to ask the minister if a backup officiant is available if the minister is not available due to an emergency.

What’s Included in the Minister’s Services?

If you’re paying a set fee for the minister’s service, find out what is included with that fee. The minister’s services should include an initial get-to-know-you meeting and several planning sessions for the wedding. Your minister should also have the witnesses sign your marriage license, perform the ceremony, mail in your marriage license, and then mail you a copy.

Additional Fees to Consider

In some cases, a minister may charge you some additional fees, and when you’re on a budget, you’ll want to find out about these fees in advance. Ask the minister if there’s an extra charge for attending the wedding rehearsal. Some ministers will also charge a mileage fee that ranges between 30 and 50 cents per mile to travel to the location of your wedding. Extra fees can quickly add up, so keep these extra fees in mind as you choose your wedding minister.

Will the Minister Only Marry You in a House of Worship?

Some ministers will only marry couples in a house of worship, and you may be required to pay a fee to have your wedding in the house of worship. If the minister will only marry you in his house of worship, ask about the fees for using the venue. Some houses of worship charge set fees for weddings, while others will accept the fees in the form of a donation, which can range between $50 and $1,000. If you’re a member of the minister’s congregation, the fee for using the venue may be waved, saving you a significant amount of money.

Does the Minister Require Premarital Counseling?
Ask the minister if premarital counseling is required before he marries you. If premarital counseling is required, will you need to pay an additional fee? Find out how many sessions are required and if they have to be spread out over several weeks or months.

Is the Minister Open to Ceremony Customization?

Before making your final decision, find out if the minister is open to ceremony customization. Some ministers will only perform a traditional order of service that is specific to their faith. You may want a customized ceremony that includes your own vows, special readings from friends or family members, and other unique aspects. If you want to customize your ceremony, make sure the minister is open to this option before putting down a deposit.

Some of The Different Traditions of Baptism Among Christian Religions


Many Christian groups practice baptism as a part of their religious and spiritual traditions. In what appears to be a simple practice actually has many different variants among Christian religions. Here are some of the traditions of the some of the major denominations of Christianity.


“Believer’s baptism” is a religion which promotes adult baptism, accepting Jesus Christ as his or her Savior through the traditional baptismal process as an act of adult choice, thereby solidifying one’s commitment Jesus Christ by one’s own free will.


To Baptists, the act of baptism in water in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit is central to this religion. The act of baptism is meant to represent the washing off of the old life and an initiation into a new life walking with Jesus Christ.

Churches of Christ

The Churches of Christ practice full-body immersion, meant to symbolize death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. Only adult baptism is practiced by Churches of Christ.

Roman Catholicism

Baptism is a central component of the Roman Catholic religion. They base their belief in baptism on this quote by John: “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter into the Kingdom of God.” Catholics are baptized in water either through immersion, submersion, or affusion, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Jehovah’s Witnesses

Jehovah’s Witnesses believe in complete immersion when it comes to baptism, and should only be done when an individual is old enough to understand its significance. Candidates must express their desire to baptized, and it is up to church elders to determine if the person is suitable. They are expected to fully understand what is expected of members of the church, as well as demonstrate sincere dedication to the church in order to be considered suitable for a baptism.

Latter-day Saints

According to the LDS Church, the main purpose of baptism is to remit the sins of the church member. They practice full immersion and is considered a very precisely-executed ritual. However, before one can be baptized into this faith, they must demonstrate faith and repentance.

Let Love Knots Help You to Experience Memorable Grand Canyon Weddings

Few places are more romantic and visually stunning as the Grand Canyon. It is in fact one of the most beautiful places to get married in America, if not the world, and it’s right in our backyard. Close enough, in fact, it makes for a most awe-inspiring helicopter ride. Thinking this is the kind of wedding you’ve been dreaming about? Consider a Grand Canyon wedding package by Love Knots. We have been providing Grand canyon weddings by helicopter for many years now, with trustworthy pilots who have been doing business with the Las Vegas wedding industry for years. We know all of the best places to perform your marriage ceremony, but if you have a particular favorite spot you always wanted to get married at, let us know and we can arrange it for you.

Love Knots features value pricing for our Grand Canyon wedding packages, with prices that both locals and Las Vegas tourists will find affordable. Interested in learning more about Love Knots and our Grand Canyon wedding package? Don’t hesitate to call founder Reverend Maria Romano at 702-501-4150 and she will gladly assist you.

Where to Find Cheap Wedding Packages in Las Vegas

Are you intimidated by the thought of a wedding? Do you not want a huge gala type of affair, instead opting for a smaller, more intimate type of occasion? You’ve come to the right place. Love Knots provides weddings of all sizes, from small, to medium and large! We can also provide no-frills weddings that are as beautiful and memorable as any large wedding, but without the big cost! For instance, why pay a chapel for space when Love Knots can marry you in front of the illustrious Bellagio fountains, or a the picturesque Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign? Love Knots can even provide the ceremony for you right in your hotel room!

Here at Love Knots we aim to ensure that anybody who wants to get married can get married. Cost shouldn’t be a factor when it comes to consumating your love. “Cheap” does not mean “low quality.” It is cheap because we can cut out all the extras, and focus on what’s important: two people coming to together for a lifetime of love!

Interested in learning more about our cheap wedding packages? Don’t hesitate to call us at 702-501-4150, and Reverend Maria Romano will gladly assist you.

Welcome to Expert Las Vegas Wedding Officiants Love Knots

At Love Knots we are more than just wedding officiants. We are wedding concierges, wedding planners. We help to create your own custom wedding tailored to your individual needs, and after that’s all setup, we can also officiate your wedding as well. Bringing people in love and marriage is what we do best. We want to ensure that everybody who comes to Las Vegas or already lives here is able to experience the wedding of their dreams.

And if you’re not Christian don’t worry, we are secular and non-denominational. And we even officiate gay marriages in Las Vegas as well. We are judgement free and easy to work with, and we have a ton of connections in Las Vegas when it comes to venues and services.

A wedding seems to be a very daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Love Knots is here to take the stress out of your hands so you can focus on what’s important, the one you love! Interested in learning more? Please don’t hesitate to call Love Knots at 702-501-4150 today!

Valley of Fire Wedding

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Few outsiders are aware that Las Vegas is surrounded by stunning natural beauty, with canyons, mountains, lakes, rivers, as well as stunning rock formations. There are also many beautiful native species of flora and fauna, and this being Nevada, usually clear, sunny blue skies. There are certainly more places to get married than the Las Vegas Strip, although that’s never a bad option either. But for those who love the outdoors, maybe something out of the city and a little closer to nature, consider a helicopter ride wedding to the Valley of Fire. Piqued your interest yet?

As an experienced wedding officiant with many years of experience in Las Vegas, you will be pleased to know that Reverend Maria Romano has contracted with a local helicopter tour company to provide rides to and from the wedding location for the ultimate wedding experience. Wish to learn more about the Valley of Fire wedding tour? Please call Maria Romano at 702-501-4150 for any questions you may have.

Top 10 Best Place to Get Married in Las Vegas Part 1

Do you know for a fact that you’re getting married in Las Vegas, but not sure where to go? Being very familiar with the Las Vegas area, the wedding ministers at Love Knots assuredly knows some of the best places in town. Here is a list of the top 10 Las Vegas marriage destinations for locals and tourists alike (in no particular order).


The Valley of Fire

Named after the way the rocks look like fire when hit by the light of sunset, the Valley of Fire is one of the most beautiful and mystical places around Las Vegas. It is a very photo friendly place, the site of many a blockbuster Hollywood movie such as Total Recall and Transformers. If you want visually stunning wedding photos, consider having your wedding at the Valley of Fire.


Mt. Charleston

This gorgeous mountain is often snow-capped throughout the year, and is the most recognizable geological feature to local Nevadans (it is the mountain depicted on nearly every local drivers’ license plate). It is also a great location to get married. A great thing about this awesome mountain is how close to Las Vegas it is, from between 30-45 minutes depending upon starting location and traffic, so it will be easy for your party to get to from their hotel.


El Dorado Canyon

A lovely little historical gem of a place, the El Dorado Canyon is an old hideout for old west outlaws, rustlers, miners, and Union and Confederate deserters alike. It’s located the majestic Nevada back country who’s crisp air carries with it the memories of the Wild West. It’s a memorable and original wedding location that few outsiders have ever been privy too. It’s also a top favorite among local ATV riders, so consider an ATV tour before or after the wedding to see all that the canyon has to offer.


Lake Mead

If you want to get married in Clark County near the water you suprisingly have a few options in our largely desert locale. First and foremost among those options is the world-famous Lake Mead. Home to numerous bays and picturesque docks along the water’s edge, you will come home with tons of beautiful photographs and memories from a Lake Mead wedding. If you want something different and memorable, yet not to far from your hotel in Las Vegas, consider a Lake Mead wedding.


Bellagio Fountains

A truly dazzling wedding location choice, it is perhaps the most enjoyable wedding locations, though it can get crowded at certain times so plan your wedding date and time accordingly. Other than that though, Love Knots is hard pressed to find a better wedding location than the awe inspiring water and light show that you and your guests will remember forever. It is also conveniently located in the center of the Strip for easy access to your wedding party. Contact Love Knots wedding planning to learn more.


Stay Tuned for Part 2!

Do I Really Need a Wedding Officiant?

988372_224361521074581_959612292_nPerhaps you may have wondered why a marriage officiant is necessary. “Couldn’t we just skimp on the cost of a wedding officiant?” The answer to that is that, as their name implies, they help weddings become official. Their main responsibility is to witness the consent of the two spouses and ensure the legal formalities are smoothly conducted. In this way, they validate the marriage in an official manner (hence usage of the term “officiant”) that is legally recognized. Wedding officiants can be secular or religious but either way will usually adopt some method of ceremony in the fulfillment of their duties. They believe in the power and effectiveness of ceremony in fulfilling some of the most basic needs of society and the individual, such as weddings. They are there to ensure that your union is recognized not just by society, but by the law.

“But I’m not religious. And I don’t want any religious ceremonies performed at my wedding.”

Modern officiants now provide secular ceremonies for those who do not wish to have religious ceremonies. There is a legal dimension to the role of an officiant at your wedding that is its main significance.

“I’ll just have my friend do it.”

Does your friend fulfills all the necessary legal requirements to formalize the wedding legally? Will your friend make it a formal affair that will be recognized by society? If you’re looking for a pretend wedding, a friend is the perfect route to go. But if what you’re looking for is a real wedding that is recognized by all legal and societal bodies, then a licensed wedding officiant is the way to go.

Another last but not least reason to go with a wedding officiant is because they help ease the burden of planning and executing your photo (10)wedding. Almost all wedding officiants who have been in the local industry more than a few years know who to call and where to go when it comes to wedding gowns, venues, and even catering. So the function of many officiants is more than just officiating; many act as a kind of wedding planner or wedding concierge to couples who want to get married but haven’t the faintest clue as to where to begin. They are great advisors to have on your side from the very beginning instead of waiting to bring them on later.

If you’re in Las Vegas and are looking for a professional wedding officiant for your marriage ceremony, don’t hesitate to contact Love Knots at 702-501-4150. We are mobile and can perform ceremonies in many different settings. Please contact us for more information.

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