Love Knots, Professional Wedding Planners based out of Las Vegas, Nevada

With so many wedding planners to choose from in Las Vegas, why choose Love Knots?

1. Geared towards to the local market

Love Knots pricing is not geared towards the tourist market, but the local market. That means that even tourists will get a great price on wedding planning in Las Vegas, which is not easy to find. Good thing you found Love Knots!

2. Dedicated to helping people find and keep love

Love Knots sole goal in life is to help people along on the path of love. To see the smiling faces of people in love, surrounded by close friends and family members, that’s why we do what we do. We love to get in the morning and do our jobs because we are making the world a better place!

3. Ordained ministers and reverends make the best wedding planners

Because we are ordained ministers, we are actually called on to do weddings all the time by local service providers. This means that we have interactions daily with the best and most reliable wedding service providers in Las Vegas. You can leverage our knowledge and connections to give the best wedding possible, and we know all of the many choices to choose from.

4. Deep insider knowledge of Las Vegas

Similar to the above point, our positions as ordained ministers in Las Vegas means that we have connections to all sorts of awesome people, such as helicopter ride companies. We also know this town inside and out, and can help you find the perfect place to get married (because we don’t just do chapel weddings!).

5. Professional and passionate about what they do

This is what we do every day. It what gets us up in the morning. It is what inspires us to a great job every day. We truly love what we do, and humbly speaking, we are very good at it. In fact, we are the best you will find in Las Vegas at the price, we can guarantee it.