Valley of Fire Wedding

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Few outsiders are aware that Las Vegas is surrounded by stunning natural beauty, with canyons, mountains, lakes, rivers, as well as stunning rock formations. There are also many beautiful native species of flora and fauna, and this being Nevada, usually clear, sunny blue skies. There are certainly more places to get married than the Las Vegas Strip, although that’s never a bad option either. But for those who love the outdoors, maybe something out of the city and a little closer to nature, consider a helicopter ride wedding to the Valley of Fire. Piqued your interest yet?

As an experienced wedding officiant with many years of experience in Las Vegas, you will be pleased to know that Reverend Maria Romano has contracted with a local helicopter tour company to provide rides to and from the wedding location for the ultimate wedding experience. Wish to learn more about the Valley of Fire wedding tour? Please call Maria Romano at 702-501-4150 for any questions you may have.