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With so many wedding planners to choose from in Las Vegas, why choose Love Knots?

1. Geared towards to the local market

Love Knots pricing is not geared towards the tourist market, but the local market. That means that even tourists will get a great price on wedding planning in Las Vegas, which is not easy to find. Good thing you found Love Knots!

2. Dedicated to helping people find and keep love

Love Knots sole goal in life is to help people along on the path of love. To see the smiling faces of people in love, surrounded by close friends and family members, that’s why we do what we do. We love to get in the morning and do our jobs because we are making the world a better place!

3. Ordained ministers and reverends make the best wedding planners

Because we are ordained ministers, we are actually called on to do weddings all the time by local service providers. This means that we have interactions daily with the best and most reliable wedding service providers in Las Vegas. You can leverage our knowledge and connections to give the best wedding possible, and we know all of the many choices to choose from.

4. Deep insider knowledge of Las Vegas

Similar to the above point, our positions as ordained ministers in Las Vegas means that we have connections to all sorts of awesome people, such as helicopter ride companies. We also know this town inside and out, and can help you find the perfect place to get married (because we don’t just do chapel weddings!).

5. Professional and passionate about what they do

This is what we do every day. It what gets us up in the morning. It is what inspires us to a great job every day. We truly love what we do, and humbly speaking, we are very good at it. In fact, we are the best you will find in Las Vegas at the price, we can guarantee it.

Qualities Mature Men should Look for in a Wife

Men obviously want in-between-the-sheets time to be amazing, but that’s not the only trait a mature man should look for. He needs to evaluate other aspects of a woman in order to find the best woman to marry.

1. Be Real

A man wants to know exactly what he’s getting into before he actually takes that big step. That’s why a woman needs to be real from the time she meets a man until the day he walks her down the aisle. This doesn’t mean she can’t wear makeup most of the time or even all of the time, but she’s needs to show her true self and not put on an act or do things to solely impress a man.

2. Ambitious 

A man needs a woman who knows what she wants out of life and goes after it. A woman who isn’t ambitious will be comfortable being stagnant and never moving on in life. This type of woman has her future mapped out. She’s certain on what she wants out of life, and she has a plan on how to get it.

3. Independent
No man wants to feel like a woman is only walking down the altar with him to get to his money so that she can have a free ride in life. A man needs a woman who doesn’t need him but who wants to be with him. He needs a woman who already has her own but would love to build with him.

4. Supportive

We all need somebody to lean on, correct? Men need this as well. They want a partner who supports them and who is there for them when they need it. A man needs someone to support him with issues like choosing a new career.

5. Easygoing

A man needs a woman who is easygoing. He doesn’t need a woman who wants to fight every decision he makes. Being disagreeable is an unpleasant trait that a man doesn’t want to deal with for the rest of his life.

6. Honest
Sometimes the truth hurts. This is just a fact, but a man would rather hear the truth and have it hurt than be lied to, especially on a regular basis. It’s one thing to conceal the truth every now and again to try to protect a man’s feelings, but it’s another thing to lie about where you go, what you do and who you used to be. A man needs a woman who tells him the truth. A mature man realizes that when a woman tells the truth, he can tell her anything in return. He also has enough maturity that he can work through whatever the truth is.

Real men don’t have a specific type, despite what people say. A real man, one that’s mature at least, needs to be selective about the woman he marries. The aforementioned traits are just a few traits a woman should have if she’s wife material.


Qualities Mature Women should Look for in a Husband

Marriage is an institution where two people unite in a vow to spend their lives together. Because it is such a serious commitment, people must truly evaluate a person before going to the altar with him. There are certain traits a mature women should look for in a husband.

1. His Stance on a Woman’s Place

While you may have heard a woman’s place is in the kitchen, it really isn’t. A woman can hold great positions of power nowadays. The man a woman chooses to make her husband should have a similar belief of where a woman stands. For instance, if a woman feels like she wants to have a career and not have children, a man should understand this and accept it. If a woman wants to be a stay-at-home mother, he should feel like that’s acceptable and not belittle her for her decision.

2. Listen

As a mature woman, you need a partner who is willing to listen. And this means doing more than just hearing the words that are coming out of your mouth. He should listen when you have a problem or when you just want to share.  He should respond and be genuine about it.

3. Fight Well

You’re bound to fight in a relationship. It’s inevitable. However, you two should fight well. You should be able to come to a conclusion whether it’s agreeing with the other person or coming to a compromise.

4. Same Interests and Values

Yes, opposites do attract, but they aren’t always the best in relationships together. You need to have some similar values and interests. Although it’s fine to compromise and do what the other one wants sometimes, it makes it difficult to make plans and just relax and talk with one another.

5. Emotionally Mature

Maturity doesn’t always come with age. Some people just never seem to become emotionally mature. However, it’s an important trait to look for in someone you plan to marry. You have to evaluate how the person responses to a problem by evaluating if he is willing to problem solve with you. You should consider if he is willing to speak to you rationally or if he screams and throws a fit until he gets his way.

6. Commitment

Commitment is hard for some men. They don’t want to lose out on being able to see other women. They don’t want to lose their independence either. A mature woman, on the other hand, needs commitment to feel like she’s safe in her relationship. It also makes a woman feel special and loved.

7. Responsible 

The man you should want and you definitely need is one that’s responsible. Take note if he goes to work on top, takes care of his bills and basically has his life together. A responsible man will be one that will best help you take care of a household. He’ll be one that will be a partner with you and raise a child with you.

Everyone has different preferences as to what they want out of a man. With that being said, there are certain traits a woman should look for in addition to her personal preferences.


The Etiquette of a Wedding Proposal

Wedding proposal etiquette is often overlooked for personalized, unique proposals. While a unique, exciting proposal is wonderful, it’s essential to remember proper etiquette when you’re ready to ask for your partner’s hand in marriage. Failing to follow proper etiquette could end up making her say “no” when you really want to hear “yes.” Before you pop the question, here are a few wedding proposal dos and don’ts to keep in mind.

Wedding Proposal Dos

  • DO Talk About Marriage First – Don’t make the mistake of popping the question before you’ve talked about marriage. It’s important to make sure it’s something that you both really want before you spring a proposal. You’ll want to make sure that you both agree on major issues and wan the same things in your future before you decide to propose.
  • DO Surprise Her – Even though you should talk about marriage before proposing, you still want to surprise her when you actually pop the question. Choose a way to propose that will surprise her.
  • DO Practice – The proposal is a huge moment for both of you, so don’t end up being tongue-tied when you pop the question. Take some time to practice or consider writing down what you want to say to ensure the moment goes perfectly.
  • DO Know if She Wants You To Pick the Ring – It’s important to have the perfect engagement ring – after all, she’ll be wearing it for life. Make sure you know if she wants you to pick the ring or if she’d like to be a part of the decision making process.
  • DO Get Down on One Knee – Nearly every woman dreams of having her guy drop down on one knee. She’ll love the romance and charm of this traditional method of proposing.
  • DO Say More Than “Will You Marry Me” – Make sure that you tell her what she means to you, why you want to marry her, and what you want for your future together.

Wedding Proposal Don’ts

  • DON’T Make the Proposal Public – Most women prefer an intimate, personal proposal. Unless you know that she wants a public proposal, keep it low-key, intimate, and romantic.
  • DON’T Propose in Front of Family – This is a moment for just the two of you. Asking in front of family members only adds stress to the moment. You’ll have plenty of time to tell both of your families after she says “Yes.”
  • DON’T Hide an Engagement Ring in Drinks or Food – Not only is this idea cliché, it’s also dangerous. You could end up heading to the dentist or the emergency room if she accidentally bites down on or swallows the ring.
  • DON’T Propose Too Soon – When you fall in love, it’s easy to get carried away in the moment. However, it’s best to wait until you have a strong, stable relationship before you pop the question. It’s essential to truly know each other and what both of you want for the future before you decide to make a lifelong commitment.

Things All Men Should Think of Before Popping the Question

If you’re thinking about popping the question, you know the stakes are high. The proposal will be one of the biggest moments of your relationship, so you definitely want to get it right. Your entire life will be hanging on her answer when you propose, so it’s important to make sure you’re ready before you get down on one knee. Before you pop the question, here are a few things you need to consider.

Think About Your Financial Situation

While it doesn’t sound romantic, you should think about your financial situation before proposing. Are you in a place financially where you can afford to buy an engagement ring? Can you start saving for a wedding? Do you need some time to get your finances in order before planning a wedding?

Make Sure You Know Her Answer First

When you put your heart on the line by popping the question, you definitely want to know her answer. Is she going to say yes? Have you already talked about marriage? If you don’t know her answer, then you may need to give your relationship a bit more time before you get down on one knee.

Should You Talk to Her Family?

Talking to her father may seem a little old school, but if your girlfriend is close to her family, you may want to talk to them. While you don’t have to talk to her family, asking her family is a sign of respect. If you do decide to talk to her family before popping the question, make sure that you pick the right time for that conversation. Of course, if your girlfriend isn’t close to her family, talking to her family may not be necessary. It’s a good idea to talk this over with her if you’re considering marriage.

Does She Want to Help Pick the Ring?

Some women love the idea of being surprised with an engagement ring, while others are particular about their jewelry. Find out if your girlfriend would like to be part of the designing or buying process before you propose. If she wants you to pick the ring, make sure you find out what type of ring she’d really like before you make the purchase.

Best and Worst Times to Pop the Question

When should you pop the question? While she’s probably waiting for a proposal, you want to pick the perfect timing. It’s definitely important to avoid popping the question when she’s upset or stressed out. A proposal may not go over well if she’s already upset. It’s also a good idea to avoid proposing at huge, public events unless she’s said she’d like that kind of proposal. You’ll also want to avoid proposing in front of family, since this can add more stress to the moment.

Get an idea of what kind of proposal she’d like. She’s probably dropped hints about what she’s always dreamed of, so try to make it the moment of her dreams. Choose a romantic, private moment and catch her by surprise and it’s sure to be a proposal that she’ll relive for years to come.

Need some more advice on wedding proposals? Don’t hesitate to contact Reverend Maria Romano or Reverend Judy Ann Price with questions that you have regarding your wedding proposal ideas.

How Does One Become an Ordained Minister?

While many people go to seminary and achieve a theology degree before they are ordained, it’s possible for anyone to become ordained. You can become an ordained minister, even if you have no religious affiliation and/or no religious education. Today you can be ordained online, allowing you to officiate weddings, funerals, and many other ceremonies. Here’s a closer look at how you can become an ordained minister.

Check the Laws in Your State

If you’re planning to become an ordained minister online, you need to check the laws in your state, especially if you want to perform weddings. Most states do recognize online ordinations as long as you’re ordained by a recognized organization. However, it’s still a good idea to check the legal requirements governing your specific state.

Look for Websites that Offer Legal Ordinations

Once you’re aware of your local laws, you can begin looking for websites that offer legal ordinations. It’s possible to find non-denominational churches that will ordain individuals of any faith. Other online ordination websites may offer ordinations to individuals of specific faiths. If you’re already active in a specific denomination, check to ensure that being ordained with another group will not affect your standing in your current religion. It’s also important to check out the website, ensuring that it’s not a scam. You should also take time to read each website’s rules, requirements, statement of faith, and the level of support they offer ordained ministers.

Fill Out the Required Information

Once you find a website that offers online ordinations, you’ll be required to fill out some personal information for your application. In most cases, filling out the application for ordination will only require a few minutes of your time. The application will probably require your full legal name, your mailing address, and a valid email address, although some organizations may require more information. While ordinations are usually free, you may be required to pay a fee for a hard copy of your credentials. It’s important to have a hard copy of your credentials with a seal and original signature. Many counties will also require that you have a letter of good standing before you can perform wedding ceremonies.

Wait for a Response After Applying

After submitting your application, you’ll need to wait for a response. It may take up to 72 hours to receive a response. If you’re application is approved, you’ll usually be provided with the ability to print out your ordination credentials, but you’ll still need a hard copy and a letter of good standing if you plan to perform legal wedding ceremonies. You may be asked to pay for these items.

Before Performing Weddings

Even after you have your official credentials and your letter of good standing, you may need to register as a wedding officiant with the County Clerk. You’ll be required to present your credentials and you may need to complete some additional paperwork to register.

Aside from these options, you can also hire the services of an already-ordained minister such Reverend Maria Romano.

Top 9 Scenic Marriage Locations in and Around Las Vegas

From downtown Las Vegas to the beautiful surrounding area, wedding venues are around every corner in the wedding capital of the world. While wedding chapels are a popular choice for Las Vegas weddings, they’re not your only option in the area. If you’re dreaming of a wedding in a gorgeous, scenic location, here’s a look at the top nine scenic marriage locations in and around Las Vegas.

1 – Valley of Fire State Park

What sets the Valley of Fire State Park apart from other scenic wedding locations around Vegas is the stunning, uniquely shaped rocks in the deep red color. The red rocks throughout the park are especially spectacular around sunset. Enjoy having your wedding at the beautiful Arch Rock or the Rainbow Vista, which is known for the panoramic view of lovely, multicolored sandstone.

2 – Red Rock

If you’re looking for a wedding location with fascinating, natural views, you’ll love the brilliant sandstone found at Red Rock. Located only about 20 miles outside of Las Vegas, you can plan to say “I do” amidst pinnacles and boulders in various hues of red. Consider renting a picnic area in Red Rock Canyon for your wedding or have the wedding at a country club or golf course that has Red Rock in the background.

3 – Lake Mead Overlook

Lake Mead is the Western Hemisphere’s largest man-made lake, and it’s a great sport for weddings. You can choose to have a lake on the beach, but if you want a great scenic view from your wedding location, getting married at the Lake Mead overlook is the perfect option. With the lake as the backdrop, your wedding photos are sure to look fabulous.

4 – The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower in the center of Las Vegas offers a wonderful scenic spot for a Las Vegas wedding. You can have your wedding atop the Eiffel Tower, which means you’ll have the entire Las Vegas Strip in the background as you say your vows.

5 – Spring Mountain Ranch

Spring Mountain Ranch is a historical site that offers breathtaking mountain scenery. History buffs will appreciate the historical significance of the ranch, and everyone will love the beautiful mountains in the background. Choose to get married with the mountains as your backdrop or get married in front of the historic ranch house.

6 – Springs Preserve

The Springs Preserve is a beautiful preserve that focuses on sustainability and preservation, which means it’s not only beautiful, but it’s also a great place for an eco-friendly wedding in Las Vegas. Several areas of the preserve are perfect for weddings, such as the Garden arboretum, which seats up to 100 people. The Garden Amphitheater and the Rose Garden are also perfect for scenic outdoor ceremonies.

7 – Lake Las Vegas

Located around 17 miles from the center of Las Vegas, Lake Las Vegas provides exquisite mountain and desert scenery amidst an Italian village setting. You can have your wedding in a gazebo with lovely lake views or near one of the fountains with the lake as your background.

8 – Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort

No matter what time of year you’re planning your wedding, the Las Vegas Skin and Snowboard Resort offers amazing scenic views, making it a popular spot for weddings. Get married in the snow during the winter or enjoy a backdrop of wildflowers, Bristlecone trees, and Aspen trees during the summer months.

9 – Nelson Ghost Town

About an hour away from the Strip is the Nelson Ghost Town, which offers a unique, scenic marriage location. It’s surrounded with picturesque Joshua trees, and the addition of the remaining saloon and barns offer plenty of character for your wedding ceremony and photos.

The History of Some Popular Western Marriage Traditions

Weddings have existed in some form for centuries, although the weddings in the past were not like the grand occasions we’re used to today. However, nearly every part of today’s weddings, from the initial engagement to the couple’s honeymoon, has a rich, interesting history. Religious beliefs, ancestry, and cultural roots have shaped our Western marriage traditions, and here’s a look at the history behind some of the popular marriage traditions that are still followed in the Western world today.

Engagement and Wedding Rings

Wedding rings were a tradition long before the engagement ring. At one point, wedding rings were thought to protect against evil spirits. Rome brought about the tradition of the wedding rings in a ceremony to symbolize everlasting commitment and love. It wasn’t Pope_Nicholas_Iuntil later that Pope Nicholas I stated that engagement rings should be a requirement statement of marriage intent.

Why are these rings placed on the “ring finger?” While the “ring finger” has varied through time, today’s tradition of placing the engagement and wedding rings on the third finger comes from the Greeks. They believed that this finger was connected to the heart by “the vein of love,” which is why they used this finger for the engagement and wedding rings.

The Wedding Dress

In the 1800s, most weddings were very simple, and since most brides only had a single best dress, they generally were married in that dress.

It was very common at the time for brides to be married in dark colors, including black, since the best dress could also be worn to a funeral.

It wasn’t until 1840 when Queen Victoria of Great Britain wore a white wedding dress to marry Prince Albert. She chose a beautiful, dfcab3a4177966fb_image001satin, white wedding gown for her wedding. After she wore the white dress, women across England and in America began to choose the white wedding gown.

In the past, a special wedding dress was only a luxury for the richest, but after Queen Victoria’s wedding, it became more common for brides of all classes to choose a white wedding dress. While wedding dresses are available in many colors today, white is still the most common color chosen by women for their wedding gowns.

The Wedding Veil

The wedding veil has a long history, started with the Romans who believed that flame-colored veils would scare away evil spirits. In some cultures, the groom never saw the bride before the wedding and the veil was used to make sure he didn’t see the bride’s face until after the vows. During Victorian times, the wedding veil turned into a status symbol. The quality, length, and weight of the veil would show the status of the bride, which is why royal brides had such long trains and veils. Some religions also look at the veil as a sign of the bride’s purity and humility. The veil is still a popular part of the wedding ensemble for most brides, although some brides choose to skip the veil, particularly brides who have been married before.

The Bridal Kiss

The bridal kiss doesn’t have the romantic history that most couples imagine. It goes back to the early days of Middle Eastern civilization when a kiss was used to formally seal contracts and agreements, The kiss continued to be used to seal contracts in Ancient Rome as well, and today the kiss is still customary at the end of a wedding to “seal” the couple’s wedding vows.

While today’s couples have many options for their wedding, as well as the chance to choose whom they will marry, many of the Western marriage traditions still have their roots in wedding traditions of the past. Whether you wear a veil or you have a ring ceremony, you’re living out traditions that have centuries of history behind them.

Top Reasons to Baptize Your Baby

Baptism is considered an important sacrament, not only within the Catholic Church, but in many other churches as well. After the birth of your baby, requesting baptism for your baby is a request for your child to become a child of God, and in many cases, a member of the church. If you’re considering infant baptism for your child, here are a few of the top reasons to baptize your baby.

Reason #1 – Begin a Journey of Faith

Infants receive baptism as a means to remove original sin and to show that the baby is now a child of God. Even babies are born with a fallen human nature that is tainted by original sin, which is why they need the new birth that comes with baptism. For many faiths, infant baptism is seen as a substitution for circumcision and a part of the new covenant, ensuring that the child receives the grace of becoming a child of God. Essentially, infant baptism is the very beginning of your child’s journey of faith. Many families choose to have their babies baptized to begin enculturating the child into the family’s chosen faith. As your child grows older and continues to grow in the faith, he can look back at his baptism as the beginning of his journey of faith.

Reason #2 – Commit to Raising Your Child in the Faith

Another reason to baptize your baby is to make a public commitment to raising your child in the faith. When you present your child for baptism, you will be taken on certain responsibilities as parents. At baptism, parents agree to bring up their children in the faith, making the commitment to pray for their child, introduce the child to the faith in his early years, and nurture the child’s faith as he grows into adulthood.

Reason #3 – Designate Godparents to Assist in Your Child’s Faith Development

Children need to see examples and teachers of the faith as they grow up, and when you baptize your baby, you have the chance to designate godparents to assist in your child’s faith development. Godparents not only witness the baptism, but they support the parents and help assist in the child’s instruction in the faith. Designating godparents for your child also ensures that you have trusted people of faith to help with faith development if you are unable to care for your child’s spiritual needs in the future.

Baptizing your baby is a very important and personal choice, and there are many excellent reasons to make this decision. If you’re thinking about baptizing your baby, consider talking to your local minister or priest to learn more about the importance of infant baptism and the many benefits it offers you and your child.

The Best Places to Propose Marriage in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is more than a popular spot for weddings – it’s also a popular place for marriage proposals. Whether you’re an outdoor lover or someone who loves a city view, you’re sure to find the perfect place to propose in Vegas. Here are just a few of the best places in Las Vegas to pop the question.

The Red Rock Overlook

If you love the outdoors and you’re looking for a quiet, outdoor location where you can propose, consider proposing at the Red Rock Overlook. It’s located west of Las Vegas and offers a stunning panoramic view of the La Madre Range and Calico Hills. This is also a popular spot for weddings, so you may even want to plan a wedding in this very spot after your proposal.

The Eiffel Tower Restaurant

Are you looking for a proposal site that will wow your significant other? If so, the Eiffel Tower Restaurant is a perfect option. Enjoy a stunning view of the city during your romantic diner. The restaurant actually offers proposal packages to fit nearly any budget.

Grand Canal Shoppes on a Gondola

At the Venetian hotel, you’ll find that the Grand Canal Shoppes offeroutdoor-gondola-night-500x340 a beautiful canal where you can hire a gondola. Hire a gondola, take your significant other out on the canal, and then pop the question as you enjoy the romantic tunes played by your gondolier. The beautiful simulated views of Venice landmarks make you feel like you’ve somehow ended up in the romantic canals around Venice, which offers the perfect backdrop for a proposal.

Stargazing at Lakeview Overlook

Overlooking Lake Mead, Lakeview Overlook is just outside of Las Vegas and it’s the perfect place to go stargazing away from the bright lights of Vegas. Grab a bottle of champagne, a picnic basket, and the ring before you go. You can propose under the stars and then celebrate with your picnic and champagne.

Balcony Suite Proposals

If you head to the Cosmopolitan, some of the suites feature wrap around balconies that offer stunning views of Las Vegas. Surprise your significant other by heading out to the balcony and then proposing. Make sure you have champagne on hand. It’s a romantic, private setting for a memorable proposal.

Underwater Proposal at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino

shark-reefAre you both adventurous? If so, consider doing the Shark Dive that’s offered at the Mandalay Bay Shark Reef. While you’re underwater, pull out the ring and pop the question. Keep in mind, the Shark Dive is only an option for overnight guests, so you’ll need to book a room at the hotel to pull off this proposal.

Hot Air Balloon Proposal

Consider taking a hot air balloon ride over beautiful Vegas valley at sunset or sunrise. When you’re up in the air, you’ll feel like you’re removed from the rest of the world, which makes it the perfect time to get down on one knee to pop the question.

The Bellagio Fountain

The Bellagio fountain is one of the most iconic, beautiful backdrops in Las Vegas. While it’s a public, popular place, it’s a wonderful place to propose. Have a photographer on hand to take stunning photos of the proposal with the fountain as the backdrop. You’ll have a memorable engagement story and incredible engagement photos.


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