baptism Are you someone looking to be baptised into a Christian church but not sure how? Or are you looking for more information about baptising your child into your church in Las Vegas? Look no further, for Love Knots is here! Baptisms are an important part of any Christian’s faith, and as ordained ministers ourselves, we are very familiar with the various baptismal processes of the different faiths. Indeed, Reverend Maria Romano and Judy Ann Price are ordained, interfaith ministers, so don’t worry about whether or not we follow your particular denomination of Christianity. Baptism traditions amongst Christians do not differ in their fundamental, basic core. We will work with you to incorporate which particular aspects of your faith you want to add to this very important ceremony.

Also, we are experienced event and wedding planners, so we can handle invitations and receptions as well. From table floral decorations, to catering services and even music, we can provide you and your family with the perfect reception afterwards to celebrate the newest member into your church. We most definitely love this part of the job as well!

Interested in learning more? Please call us directly at 702.501.4150 and we gladly assist you with questions or concerns you may have. We’re happy to help your family along on its spiritual path!